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Yacht Designers

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Yacht Designers

A Classic Yacht Design

In asking several Naval Architects and Yacht Designers to contribute their efforts to make this site unique and worthwhile, Ocean Yachting International has focused on a group of designers who have created some of the most significant vessels amongst possibly the most important group of designs that exist in the world today.

Our backgrounds in running both sail and world cruising yachts makes OYI a firm believer of the grounding in seamanship and safety necessary to succeed as a yacht designer. We have been involved in the development, design and construction of a large number of world cruising yachts and the brokers at OYI have an extensive background in new construction of both large motor yachts and large sailing yachts. OYI has developed our own line of yachts from the ground up so have personal knowledge of working on all sides of the table, client, broker and designer.

Knowing each of these designers as racing yacht designers first, and seeing the manner in which each has progressively designed larger vessels, confirms my view that they are at the pinnacle of their field, capable of providing a client with a custom yacht that will exceed expectations. Their racing background also provides a performance element when required, adding to the enjoyment and re-sale value of their designs.

Numerous other designers can be added to this forum, but the experience that these gentlemen have gained, each having some 3 decades of design experience, places them as equals to any of their peers. With designs from the extremes of Mirabella V, at 247', the world's largest sailing sloop, to custom yachts built by Royal Huisman, CCYD, Jongert, Perini Navi, Lurssen, Davenport, Pendennis, Camper & Nicholsons and Nautor's Swan amongst numerous other yards, these designers have really produced the goods, when it comes to large yachts. Their combined portfolios of current work range from custom and production designs of 70' and above, as well as mega-yachts from 100' up to 200' and even larger.

All these designers bring to the table the experience of designing yachts for production builders as well as custom builders, and all are very accomplished interior designers. This is a consideration all too frequently lost in new builds, whereby the experience the lead designer brings to the project can amount to significant cost savings, in lieu of the costs a separate designer/stylist brings to the project.

The backgrounds of the OYI broker team affords us ready access to an extensive group of designers, a few of which are listed below.

Amongst the designers who contribute their insights and designs to the 'forum' are…

Tony Castro…
Castro Naval Architects and Yacht Designers, Hamble, England
Currently with designs being built at Jongert and Royal Huisman, Tony has a 45 metre design similar to the Perini Navi yachts entering the final design stages. This is to have the performance of a true racing yacht, with a high tech motor yacht quality interior. With proposals for CCYD Yachts in the works, new designs are abundant from Tony.

Ron Holland…
Ron Holland Design, Vancouver, Canada
From the world's largest, Mirabella V, to winning the Quarter Ton Worlds some 30 years ago, Ron has had designs built by Nautor Swan, CCYD and Royal Huisman amongst many other yards, and currently has yet another very large sailing yacht under construction at Huisman.

Jon Overing… Overing Yacht Design
Specializing in the design of high efficiency hull forms for full displacement, semi-displacement and planing hull forms Jon's diverse background brings years of not only yacht design but commercial and military design to the table.

Rob Humphreys…
Humphreys Yacht Design. Lymington, England
From successful 'Round the World race yachts and semi-custom designs for Oyster Yachts UK, to the 135' mega ketch Cyrano de Bergerac built at Camper & Nicholson, all of Rob's designs show style and beauty. His latest canting rig for a monster sailing yacht furthers his search for innovative yachting solutions.

Luiz de Basto…
Luiz de Basto Yacht Design
Luiz brings a unique flair to the design board, having created designs for a long list of internationally acclaimed builders of Large Yachts and clients including Trinity Yachts, Blohm & Voss, Aston Martin and All Ocean Yachts just to name of few. Luiz's exterior and interior designs have worldwide acclaim receiving numerous international awards.

Pat Bray…
Bray Yacht Design and Research
Pat is an award winning designer having received a First Place in the Salon Nautico Internacional de Barcelona / Madrid Diseno de Yates Awards, Conceptual Category for Technical Innovation and Yacht Design, at the Barcelona International Boat Show in November 2007. Pat specializes in the development of bulbs and appendages to increase hull efficiency and sea keeping. He has worked with a large number of yacht stylists to develop the naval architecture to take designs from concept to finished large yacht.

Other designers and builders from the likes of Sparkman & Stephens, Palmer Johnson, Ed Dubois, Alloy Yachts and Perini Navi and others continue to design, build and break new ground while knocking down barriers in the pursuit of designing and launching a new breed of sailing yachts, some looking ahead with break-through technology, whilst other are launching their newest designs incorporating the traditions and aesthetics of the classics.

New technology with solid tradition is producing magnificent vessels of 80' and above to satisfy all whims or conservative desires of any buyer. The designers featured here are all able to bring ideas to fruition based on the most conservative or outlandish concepts.

We offer our assistance to you, should it be required.

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